Resetting Your Password

If you have forgotten your password to log in, but you are not locked out of the system, use the following steps to have a new temporary password sent to you via email. Upon logging in with the temporary password, you will need to update your password.

Navigate to the payment site and select the Forgot username or password? link.


The Forgot Password page appears. Enter the User Name associated with your profile.

The Secret Question page appears. Enter the answer to the secret question for this profile, and then click Request Password.

The Forgot Password Confirmation page appears. Select OK, and the system will send an email with a new temporary password for your use.

Return to the SmartPay Express URL page, and enter your username and new temporary password provided in the email. Select Login.

Your temporary password will expire immediately upon logging in. The Password Expired page appears. Enter Information in the New Password and Confirm Password fields provided, and select Reset.

The Password Reset Confirmation page appears. Select OK. Your password has been reset, and you may now log in with your new password.

Locked Out – Regaining Access If You Are Locked Out

If you enter your user name and password incorrectly five times, the system will lock your account for security purposes. Once locked, you will not be able to retrieve a forgotten username or password with the Forgot Username or Password? The system will display either an Invalid Login or Account Locked prompt. To have your profile unlocked, contact St. Jane Church at 610-253-3553. Once your profile is unlocked, a new temporary password can be sent to you via email.

Updating Your Profile

You can update any of your user information in your profile, including your password. Us the following steps to log in and make changes or update the information for your profile.

From the top navigational bar, select the Edit Profile option to make any changes to your registered profile.


Select Update Personal Info to save changes to the personal information for this profile.

The second section is Password information for the profile. When you have finished entering information, select Update Password at the bottom of this section before moving on to the next section. You can also update your security question.

Adding a Payment Option

Log in to the payment site, and select the Edit Payment Options. The system will navigate you to the Payment Options section of your user profile.

From the Payment Options section, select the Add Payment Option banner. A new section will expand, with fields available for you to enter new payment information. Enter information for all the required fields. An Account Nick Name field is available as a reference when you make future payments and can be named, “My Checking”, or another appropriate term.

To have the payment address mirror your profile address, mark the check box next to Same as profile.

Select the Add Payment Option at the bottom of the page.

You may return to Payment Options and make any changes to a payment option as needed. Select the Update option at the bottom of the section to save changes.

Making a Single Payment

Payments can be created individually or set up to reoccur at periodic intervals. They can be charged to either a credit card or taken from a checking or savings account. For any single payments dated for today’s date, you have the option to set up a recurring payment at periodic intervals.

The Make a Payment page appears. Enter the appropriate information in all the required fields outlined in red.

Pay this Amount

The Make a Payment page appears. Enter the appropriate information in all the required fields outlined in red.

  • Pay this Amount – Enter the amount to be paid as a numerical value with two decimal places. For example, XX.XX.
  • Pay to – There is only one location to pay: St. Jane Frances de Chantal Church (general church account).
  • Pay from Account – Select a payment option you have where funds will be drawn. Expired accounts will not be listed. Please refer to the Edit Payment Options feature on the site to maintain your account information regularly.
  • Payment Date – Select the day of payment. *Please note – to make a recurring payment, you must use the current date.

(Optional) Click here to enter recurring payment criteria – Additional fields for the recurring payment process appear. Select values for the Frequency (once a month, every two weeks, etc.) of the recurring payment and the Payment Day (numerical calendar date) on which the funds will be drawn.
*Note: the payment date section must be the current day or you can’t set up a recurring payment.

Enter the Start Date of the first recurrence in MM/DD/YYYY format, or use the calendar option to specify a date.

Indicate the # Of Payments that will occur. Alternatively, you can mark the check box next to Infinite Payment, which will set payments indefinitely until you decide to change the payment settings. The Next Payment Date field will display the day when the next payment will be taken.

Maintaining Recurring Payments

When you log in to the payments site, you can view recurring payments you have set up in the system. These can be adjusted as needed.

  • To enable or disable a recurring transaction, log in and select the payment from the Recurring Transactions section on the home page.
  • Alter the details of the payment as needed, including amount, frequency of payment, and so on. Ensure that the check box next to the Enabled field is selected or deselected, depending on whether you wish to activate the payment at this time.

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