Videos on the Bible

Fr. Mike Schmitz

Ways to Read the Bible - Fr. Mike Schmitz
Learning How to Love From the Bible - Fr. Mike Schmitz
Old Testament God Vs. New Testament God - Fr. Mike Schmitz
Do Catholics Follow Old Testament Laws? - Fr. Mike Schmitz
Did God Change? - Fr. Mike Schmitz
Where is Lent in the Bible - Fr. Mike Schmitz
Not Everything in the Bible Is Morally Good - Fr. Mike Schmitz
Salvation History from Chosen by Ascension

What is Lectio Divina - Fr. Josh Johnson

Scripture Should Stand Alone? - Jason Evert

Movies on the Bible

The Bible Miniseries Trailer
Son of God Trailer
Risen Trailer
Jesus of Nazareth

Tom Leylo (ChurchVidTV)

How to Read the Bible
Peter Walking on Water

Children & Teens

David and Goliath - Minecraft
Get Up and Walk - Outside Da Box

Matthew Kelly

The Bible by Decision Point
The Bible by Matthew Kelly
The Scriptures by Matthew Kelly

Fr. Michael Nixon

The World's Biggest Bible Study - Fr. Michael Nixon
The Book of Genesis - Fr. Michael Nixon
Why Does the Catholic Bible Have More Books? - Fr. Michael Nixon

Trent Horn

Do Catholic Doctrines Conflict with the Bible - Trent Horn
Why are Protestant Bibles Smaller - Trent Horn
Is Sola Scriptura reasonable - Trent Horn

Tim Staples

The Bible Made Me Catholic - Tim Staples
The Eucharist in the Bible - Tim Staples
The Bible and the Immaculate Conception - Tim Staples
Deep in Scripture with Tim Staples

Bishop Robert Barron

How to Read the Bible - Bishop Robert Barron
Violence in the Bible - Bishop Robert Barron
Biblical Religions - Bishop Robert Barron
Deep Misunderstandings of the Bible - Bishop Robert Barron
Bishop Robert Barron on Bill Maher and Biblical Interpretation
Nature and the Biblical God - Bishop Robert Barron

Jeff Cavins

Biblical Keys for Hope and Understanding - Jeff Cavins
Praise and Thanksgiving - Jeff Cavins
Reading the Bible - Jeff Cavins

Dr. Scott Hahn

The Word of God and the Life of Prayer - Dr. Scott Hahn
How to Read the Bible - Dr. Scott Hahn
The Bible and Theology - Dr. Scott Hahn with Fr. Robert Barron

Apologetics 101 - Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers

Scripture and Tradition - Fr. Mitch Pacwa

A Biblical Walk Through the Mass - Dr. Edward Sri

Matt Fradd

Bible History - Creation and the Fall of the Angels
Bible History - Creation of Adam and Eve
Bible History - The First of Our First Parents
Bible History - Cain and Abel
Bible History - The Deluge
Bible History - Noah's Offering and His Children

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