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A Community of Faith

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4049 Hartley Avenue, Easton, PA 18045

Liturgical Ministries

Music Ministry

Music Ministry The role of the music ministry is to lead congregational singing and support and enhance the liturgy with music for meditation. We have an adult choir, contemporary choir, children’s choir (angel choir), cantors, and instrumentalists. Contact: Mary Loch610-253-3553 ext.

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Ministry Schedule

Ministry Schedule The ministry schedule includes all of those who assist at Liturgies as Altar Servers, Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist, Lectors, and Cantors. Contact: Diane

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Lectors A lector is responsible for proclaiming the word of God in a way that makes the word come alive. Proclaiming is transmitting the scripture in a public, articulate, and interpretive manner. The word of God is multi-faceted. It teaches converts, forgives, challenges, encourages, and sustains the faithful.Training sessions are usually held during the summer…

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Greeters The Greeter invites all to enter into the House of the Lord and is called to set an example of hospitality for the rest of the community. Greeters are the initiators of a climate of hospitality, on Sundays and special occasions, that should spread throughout the whole church community. Contact: Jill

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Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion have the honor, and great responsibility of assisting with the distribution of Holy Communion at Mass, and/or bringing Holy Communion to the sick and infirmed at their homes, hospitals, and area nursing homes.Training sessions are usually held during the summer months. Contact: Donna Dillon610-253-3553 ext.

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Arts & Environment

Arts & Environment This special ministry is responsible for preparing our worship space for Liturgical Celebrations with signs and symbols deeply rooted in our Faith. Placement of flowers, plants, paintings, etc. is the responsibility of this ministry. Contact: Donna Dillon610-253-3553 ext.

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Adult Altar Server

Adult Altar Servers Adult Altar Servers serve at funerals, Holy Day Masses, and other liturgies as needed. Contact: Jim

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